Sunday, August 29, 2004

Dare to Look Forward - Dare to Look Up

Dare to Look Forward - Dare to Look Up

It is tempting to give in to the call of Liberals to look back and be bitter. It is easy to spread anger, hate, fear, envy and anguish. It is easy to tear down, rend holes, smear and lie. Inspiring, looking forward and looking up are much, much harder.

Life teaches us that there are two types of leaders. Those who divide and pit one against another, and tailor their message to whomever is in front today and those who create a vision and path forward to focus on that which we as a people share in common.

The call today is to struggle against that which divides us and embrace that which unites us. Lead forward and upwards. Dare to take the harder path. To arms!



Blogger josh narins said...

Excuse me, but conservatism has _always_ been about looking backwards.

Is the New Testament not 2,000 years old? The Tanakh (Old Testament) even older?

Conservatives were against black people having the vote. Conservatives were against women having the vote. Conservatives were pro-slavery.

Back in Lincoln's day, there were two types of Republicans, Radical and Liberal.

Then came the Stalwart Republicans, who wanted another US Grant term in office, ignoring all the scandals.

November 7, 2004 at 3:38 PM  

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