Sunday, August 22, 2004

To Arms


My fellow Republicans and independents:

Can you sit back and watch as your community and country get decided for you?
Its time to heed the call of Paul Revere and take up your best weapon in defense of your community and country. The best weapon you have isn’t a flintlock. It’s your heart, mind and voice. We have met the threat and they are among us. Too long we have slept. 2000 was a wake up call. As busy as we are making this great land work, we are all called upon this year more than ever to be heard. The liberals are coming and they are playing for keeps.

If you refuse to forget that which divides us and focus on that which unites us or if you are content to let others heed the call while you slumber and not make your side be heard, then we are lost.

Ask yourselves only one question. Can you bet your, your family’s and countrymen’s lives on John F. Kerry? Because, if you don’t heed the call and be heard, you will be.

Be heard. To arms!!



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